Position:Auto Final Vision Inspection with Pick and Place Principle Engineer
Location:Dong Guan
Emp TypeFull Time

1) Able to lead a team of minimum 10 engineers and technicians with Final Visual Inspection.
2) Able to lead Laser Mark and Automation as secondary.
3) Understand on 6S inspection criteria
4) Understand the concept of GRR and able to implement on machine buyoff and calibration.
5) Able to guide the team on
a. Perform installation and machine buyoff for in-line strip or package inspection with pick and place capability.
b. On program set-up and is not limited to:
- Finding proper tooling or material for set up
- Setup and adjustment of process and parameters.
- Ensure optimal conditions with all assembly defects screen out.
- Provide immediate feedback to immediate supervisor on jobs not meeting set-up and/or standards.
- Always ensure finished products are produced in an effective and efficiency way with no compromising of quality control standards.
- Ensure all equipment and area, is properly set-up in a safe manner and that all safety devices are in use.

Must have vision system inspection with pick and place experience and work in production environment.
Minimum 5 years of experience with
1) Vision system
2) GRR computation
3) Camera selection
4) FMEA/ OCAP, Work instruction and 8D report
5) Communication with English speaking customer.
Advantage if knows about SEC-GEM and strip mapping.
Work closely with equipment supplier closely to establish good communication.
Able to work independently.
Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills
Excellent interpersonal communication skills and good team spirits.
Able to speak Chinese.

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